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10 Unique And Awesome Wrist Watches


10 Exceptional And Wonderful Wrist Watches

The best thing about innovation is the huge quantity of space it leaves for re-initiation. For every wonderful thought out there, there happen to be thousands of offsets, capitalizing on the core strength of the thought that was excellent. For this reason we’ve a hundred choices as it pertains to anything. We’ve found more development in the region over the last two years than before, in regards to watches. Smart watches aren’t the unique kind of watches accessible the industry, although we’re living in the age of smart watches. This list features 10 of the most unique wrist watches in the world.

Relativity Watch

That is a watch that is designed for all the science insane on the planet. The dial was modeled after Einstein’s theory of relativity, which each measurement being signified in a manner that was unique.

Iron Samurai Watch

This insane watch is truly made using samurai sword carbonized steel folded 1000 times around, and is called the ‘Iron Samurai’ watch. It’s LED lights within the folds that tell the time to you.

22 Creepiest Abandoned Places Around The World


What people can build mother nature can just as easily reclaim. From grandiose mansions to ships that sailed the seven seas, these places were once admired and occupied by many people.

Today they have been long abandoned, creating some creepy yet beautiful locations full of their own folklore and intrigue.

Here are 22 creepy abandoned places you have to visit around the world

Michigan Central Station — Detroit, Michigan, United States

Michigan Central Station — Detroit, Michigan, United States

Flickr: ktpupp / Creative Commons

The Michigan Central Station was built just over 100 years ago. Located in Detroit, Michigan, it was the tallest train station in the world — up until that point.

The station is now abandoned but locals are attempting to have the building renovated.

The station was placed on the National Register of Historic Places, which could help the build receive a renovation in the future.

Unfortunately, vandals have stolen or destroyed most of the buildings architectural designs.


Flickr: multilectical / Creative Commons

How Rich Are These Celebrities?


It’s natural to assume that all celebrities are filthy, stinking rich, but that isn’t necessarily true. As with any other occupation, some actors, actresses, TV personalities, comedians, athletes, and musicians are far more successful than their peers. Here is a list of some of the most popular celebrities at the moment and how much money they make.


He might get her harassed for his hair but this billionaire, real estate developer and presidential hopeful is worth a cool $4.5 billion. That’s after a string of failed marriages, five children, and bankruptcies, too!

Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Muslim


About 1.57 billion people on this planet are Muslim. Here’s a list of celebrities you’d be surprised to find are Muslim.

1. Janet Jackson

After marrying her third husband, Wissam al Mana, Jackson converted to Islam. They both live in his home country, Qatar, and she spends her time as a loving wife.


10 Celebrity Deaths Related To The Illuminati


Celebrity deaths can often feel like we have lost a close family member but could some of these deaths be tied to the Illuminati? Here are a few celebrity deaths of celebrities that were alleged Illuminati members.

1. Aaliyah

The 22 year old R&B singer had her life cut short when her plane crashed shortly after leaving the Bahamas. The Illuminati is suspected in her death so that the up-and-coming Beyonce, a supposed Illuminati member, could rise to stardom.


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Celebrities Who Piled On The Pounds


Body image is a big deal when it comes to celebrities. If a celebrity gains a lot of weight it can be a huge shock to both their fans and the media. Sadly, many of these celebrities go into hiding and try and avoid the media when they gain lots of weight. However, when their weight gains are finally discovered the media often tens to make a circus about them. Here are 5 celebrities who have gained lots of weight within the last few years. Do you recognize them now that they have ballooned from what they once were?

Keanu Reeves


This actor is known as one of the sexiest men on the big screen. Well, that is until began to put on some serious weight. It wasn’t for a moviel role, either. Seems like we are seeing more of him bodywise but less of him moviewise.