10 Hairstyles for Men That Women Go Crazy For

For a lot of guys – a lot of guys – the consideration about hair basically boils down to, “Do I still have hair? I do? WHEW.

Most guys, however, would do well to pay some attention to their locks, whether they have all that much left or not. People notice these things. They may not say they do, but it’s true.

Here are ten easy-to-manage hairstyles that, if you’re lucky, will get heads turning your way.

1. Long Hair


(source: cashmerered.com)

We’re not talking about some sort of neo-hippie long hair style that’s unwashed and hangs down to the waist, here. A nice, layered, well-kept shoulder-length cut is a classic, by now, and communicates to the world that you’re the type of person who follows his own set of rules. That is, if it’s done well.


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