10 Costly Mistakes Every Guy Makes on the First Date

Prematurely Using Terms Of Endearment


(Source: http://www.lisagoller.com/2015/02/show-your-customers-some-love/)

When we’re on a date with somebody we really like and are enjoying ourselves, it is easy for us to get overly excited and optimistic about where the night is going and start to get a bit too comfortable with our words. Terms of endearment have their time and place. The first date is not one of those times nor is it one of those places.

Dropping a “babe” or “hun” too early, like on the first date for example, can scare her right out the door. Girls love a guy who shows his emotion and lets her know that he is serious about being in a relationship, but they also love the chase.

Hold back your relationship nicknames until you’re a bit farther along in the relationship.


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