10 Costly Mistakes Every Guy Makes on the First Date

The first date can be a terrifying labyrinth in which you must navigate your way around awkward conversations, unknown expectations, and a lot of expected generalities you might not even realize are important to your female companion.

There are a lot of guys who will openly admit that they are not good on first dates. Thankfully for those men, there are some very basic tips that can help them score a second outing and even a long-term relationship.

These 10 mistakes will lead to some very lonely dates but have no fear, we give you plenty of advice to avoid these first date downfalls.

Here are 10 costly mistakes that so many guys make on first dates. Pay close attention boys.

Drinking Too Much


(Source: http://www.hexjam.com/uk/sex-relationships/5-things-you-don-t-want-to-happen-on-a-first-date)

Let’s face it, first dates are always pretty nerve-racking and awkward. A few cocktails will typically take the edge off and allows you get a bit more confident. But 9 or 10 drinks will have the reverse effect and turn you into a drunken baffoon in front of your date.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make on the first date is trying to get more suave by continuing to buy and consume drinks. Stick to one or two drinks maximum throughout the night and sip on them slowly.


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